We and AI (Artificial Intelligence): Three Years Later…

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia (IVI) has solemnly marked three years of innovative work and exceptional achievements in the field of artificial intelligence at the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad. The program included presentations of key projects and scientific accomplishments achieved by IVI researchers, with a special emphasis on the practical application of artificial intelligence-based solutions in energy, healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental protection.

“We embarked on the unknown with a vision to create a global center of excellence in scientific research and technology transfer in the domain of artificial intelligence in Serbia, aiming to develop leaders in this domain for our country, the region, and the world. Our desire was to create an environment similar to the most successful ones, fostering innovation and collaboration, and an institution that would help our country optimally leverage the opportunities AI technologies offer, but also to prepare it to face the challenges these technologies bring. After three years and great effort from all of us, I believe we can be proud, yet there is still much room for growth both for IVI and Serbia’s role on the global AI scene”, highlighted our director, Prof. Dr. Dubravko Ćulibrk.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Miroslav Trajanović, spoke about the future shaped by innovations and artificial intelligence, emphasizing the importance of continuous progress in this area for society as a whole.

A series of short lectures titled “IVI Talks” was dedicated to the practical application of artificial intelligence in the fields of energy, healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental conservation.

The challenges we have encountered and progress in developing new technologies over the past three years were the focus of IVI stories. Dr. Dragiša Mišković, Dr. Branka Rakić, and Dr. Slobodan Ilić discussed the practical application of artificial intelligence, while Dr. Veljko Prodanović explained why the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia is an ideal environment for returnees.

Additionally, the event showcased the application of artificial intelligence algorithms in production and planning processes, as well as the use of machine learning models for text analysis. There was also discussion on the development of machine learning models for application in the biotechnological and medical domain, design of therapeutic peptides and small molecules, and validation of information in texts produced by generative language models.

We thank everyone who has been part of the development journey of IVI, and we will continue to work dedicatedly and devotedly in the years to come!