The project presented at AI Camp in Berlin

At the recently held AI Camp in Berlin, in collaboration with Weaviate, research associate Dr. Nikola Milošević introduced the revolutionary project that IVI conducts together with the German company Bayer AG. The gathering represents a monthly meeting of enthusiasts and professionals in the field of artificial intelligence, and on this occasion, participants discussed AI, GenAI, LLMs (Large Language Models), and machine learning.

During the lecture “Open-Source Scientific Generative Question-Answering System”, there was discussion on how to improve automatic question-answering systems, and Dr. Milošević in his presentation focused on three key topics:

  • How RAG (Retriever-Augmented Generation) can reduce the occurrence of hallucinations;
  • How to fine-tune a smaller LLM for a specific task to improve performance;
  • How to automatically verify the answers generated by these systems.

Throughout the event, quality technical conversations were held, providing participants not only the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in AI but also to exchange experiences and ideas. Additionally, the importance of an open-source approach in developing scientific generative systems for answering questions was especially emphasized, and it was highlighted how continuous efforts in fine-tuning and verification are key to creating reliable and efficient AI systems.