About the institute

We were founded with the aim of researching and applying the latest artificial intelligence technologies and creating innovative solutions that will transform the way we live, work and communicate.


The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia's vision is to foster the development of creative leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as to establish Serbia as a global center of excellence in scientific research and technology transfer related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.


The goal of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia is to establish a distributed research and development organization that can utilize all available artificial intelligence research resources in both Serbia and overseas. Our mission is to assist the growth of the knowledge-based economy in the field of artificial intelligence in Serbia and the surrounding area by offering our researchers a world-class research environment and other resources.

How are we going to accomplish this?

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia brings together eminent AI researchers and scientists who will serve as mentors to upcoming researchers and scientists. We will be able to:

  • discover promising topics for AI research and application;
  • ensure adequate financial support from local and international sources for science;
  • publish research findings at prestigious scientific conferences and in journals thanks to our international mentors.

As we work to patent important discoveries and commercialize them through licensing and the founding of start-up and spin-off firms, one of the Institute’s primary goals is to serve as an incubator for start-up businesses.

Science and business collaboration

To speed up the modernisation of Serbia’s IT industry and raise business efficiency across all economic sectors, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development in Serbia works to disseminate its knowledge to those working in the economy. Our aim is to leverage our research capabilities to aid in the transfer of technology in Serbia, which is why we decided to be the location where the partnership between science and business in the field of artificial intelligence will be accomplished.

We will work on cooperative initiatives with established firms in a variety of industries to advance their operations, and we will support firms and people looking to enter this market by imparting our expertise through a variety of seminars and workshops.

The Institute will promote the core fields of mathematics, computer science, biology, linguistics, etc. that are essential for the creation of artificial intelligence in order to modernize Serbia’s economy and educational system.

The Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Serbia for the Years 2020–2025 includes a number of measures, one of which is the establishment of the Research and Development Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia. 

On March 18, 2021, the Republic of Serbia’s government formally established the Institute.

Would you like to work with us?

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