Towards a New Era of AI Education

In collaboration with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia has successfully launched the AI Master Class: Regulating Artificial Intelligence – Legal and Ethical Challenges.

The inaugural session of the first comprehensive educational program on regulating artificial intelligence took place at the Scientific and Technological Park in Novi Sad. The event featured addresses by Professor Dr. Miroslav Trajanovic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Technological Development; Professor Dr. Dusan Barac, Vice Dean for Digital Development at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences; and Professor Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, Acting Director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia.

“Artificial intelligence brings numerous advantages, but with them come challenges that we must recognize, understand, and, most importantly, address. If you have the capacity to detect potential issues in hundreds of thousands of mammograms in a single day, what needs to be done to ensure that when this technology is applied, it genuinely contributes to society and does not jeopardize anyone’s rights? When you use AI to assist experts in designing social policies, how can you ensure that these experts are fully aware of all the limitations of the tools they are using? Ethics in artificial intelligence is no longer just an abstract idea from Isaac Asimov’s novels. It is a concept that guides us through the development and application of AI technologies in a way that respects the human rights, freedoms, and dignity of every individual. Our responsibility as leaders in the field of AI is to shape the future of artificial intelligence in accordance with the highest ethical standards and principles. To achieve this, we must educate and empower future generations of experts who will be capable of identifying and addressing current and future challenges in this broad field”, emphasized Professor Dr. Dubravko Ćulibrk, Acting Director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia.

The first educational module of lectures focuses on an introduction to artificial intelligence, the role of AI in digital transformation, and the consideration of the impact of AI on society and the economy. Workshops also delve into unveiling artificial intelligence systems and an organization’s readiness for AI adoption.

The AI Master Class: Regulating Artificial Intelligence – Legal and Ethical Challenges is conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, with the support of numerous industry partners.

Throughout October, November, and December, participants will have the opportunity to explore AI-related topics and confront its legal and ethical dilemmas through a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. Interactive lectures and workshops will address important issues such as the significance of AI in business, the development of data-driven business models, the role of AI in information security preservation, combating discrimination in the context of AI, data protection, as well as the importance of open data.