IVI selected Best Junior Researchers for 2023

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia is dedicated to recognizing and supporting young talents and future leaders in the field of artificial intelligence. In this regard, we proudly present the top young researchers for the year 2023. The “IVI Top Junior Performers” who have distinguished themselves with their outstanding work and contributions to the development of artificial intelligence in the past year are:

  • Marko Pavlović, Research Assistant;
  • Dr. Ognjen Kundačina, Research Assistant;
  • Ana Dodig, Junior Research Assistant.

Their dedication, hard work, and expertise serve as an inspiration to all of us. We congratulate them on their achievements so far and wish them continued success in their future endeavors.

Marko Pavlović, Research Associate

Marko Pavlović has gained valuable professional experience working in the oil and gas industry, aviation, and academia. His engagement in various sectors has provided him with diverse experiences and broadened his interests across different domains. During his doctoral studies, he focused on advanced technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural networks applications. At the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia, he is a member of the Computer Vision & Remote Sensing group, participating in projects utilizing remote sensing for precise land property assessment, with significant potential contributions to agriculture and environmental protection. He is also passionate about creating and growing startup companies based on AI applications.

Dr. Ognjen Kundačina, Research Assistant;

Dr. Ognjen Kundačina completed his undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, specializing in Energy, Electronics, and Telecommunications. At the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia, he is a member of the Human-Computer Interaction research group, currently working on the application of artificial intelligence in automatic speech recognition. His research also encompasses the use of AI methods for monitoring and optimizing the operation of power systems, as well as the development of software applications that facilitate the practical application of research results. He has authored three papers published in international journals, several papers presented at national and international conferences, and holds a national patent.

Ana Dodig, Junior Research Assistant

Ana Dodig is a second-year doctoral student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, having previously completed her undergraduate and master’s studies in the Signals and Systems department. At the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia, she is a member of the Green AI group, focusing on the application of AI in predicting the quality of river flows in Serbia. Additionally, she is interested in research and development in various AI fields, such as generative methods (GAN) for expanding existing datasets for river flows that are otherwise insufficient and methods that incorporate spatial data characteristics, such as Graph Neural Networks (GNN). She is also honing her skills in software engineering, including programming in C#, and considers RPA (Robotic Process Automation) skills essential for efficient development and later automated use of AI in real-world problems.