IVI selected the Best of the Best for 2023!

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia proudly presents the best of the best for the past year! We have chosen the Top Seniors for the year 2023, who have distinguished themselves with their exceptional contributions and dedication to scientific research. Our top senior researchers are:

  • Dr. Slobodan Ilić, Research Associate;
  • Dr. Dejan Mirčetić, Research Associate.

Their outstanding scientific achievements, research dedication, and expertise make them true leaders in their respective fields. IVI congratulates these exceptional scientists on their accomplishments thus far and wishes them much success in their future scientific endeavors!

Dr. Slobodan Ilić, Research Associate

As a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia and the leader of the “Computer Vision & Remote Sensing” research group, Dr. Slobodan Ilić is responsible for innovative research in the field of artificial intelligence, with a special focus on healthcare technologies and the application of AI in agriculture. He is currently working on projects of significant societal importance. One of his most prominent projects involves developing advanced AI algorithms for the analysis of mammographic images. This project aims to improve early detection and precise diagnostics in oncology, particularly in the fight against breast cancer.

Additionally, Dr. Ilić is involved in a project that utilizes remote sensing techniques to analyze soil quality, with a specific focus on carbon content in the soil. The goal of the project is to contribute to more precise agriculture and environmental preservation through a better understanding of soil composition. His research interests are at the forefront of contemporary AI advancements, particularly in areas such as diffusion models, anomaly detection in mammograms, and the development of feedback mechanisms in large language models. Through his work, Dr. Ilić not only contributes to the scientific community in Serbia but also applies the latest technological advancements for practical purposes, significantly impacting society as a whole.

Dr. Dejan Mirčetić, Research Associate

Dr. Dejan Mirčetić earned his doctorate at the University of Novi Sad in the field of time series forecasting and supply chain analytics. He has published over 40 scientific papers, most of which are dedicated to solving real business and economic problems. He has extensive experience collaborating with industry, where he led supply chain analytics teams in designing AI solutions for supply chain optimization. Currently, he is engaged as a machine learning consultant on a USAID humanitarian project. In collaboration with Macro-Eyes, he is developing AI solutions to enhance the healthcare system in Ivory Coast, with the hope of improving the daily lives of people in Africa facing challenging circumstances.

As a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia, Dr. Mirčetić is responsible for designing and developing business and economic AI solutions. He is currently the head of the ISIOP project, part of the AIPlan4EU platform under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The project’s task is to design a new AI-based solution to optimize the business processes of “Agromarket,” a domestic leader in the production and distribution of agricultural products in Southeastern Europe.

Within several Horizon Europe projects, Dr. Mirčetić is involved in the application of artificial intelligence in various sectors. The “SMART FOOD” project aims to optimize the production and distribution of Italy’s largest prosciutto producer using a fully autonomous AI-based platform. As part of the innovative project “IoWA – Internet of Wine and Art,” Dr. Mirčetić pioneers the implementation of digital technologies in the wine industry in collaboration with an Italian winery.

Through his research, Dr. Mirčetić makes a significant contribution to the application of artificial intelligence in the fields of healthcare and the food industry, exploring innovative ways to optimize processes and improve efficiency.