IVI Presents in Prestigious ICCV Conference in Paris

Scientists from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, Dr. Velibor Ilić and Dr. Branislav Kisačanin, will have the honor of presenting the scientific work on behalf of the wider team at one of the most important conferences for computer vision and artificial intelligence, the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), in Paris. The remaining team members are Dr. Vladimir Pavlović and his postgraduate students at Rutgers University, Yuting Wang and Jiatong Li.

In this work, the team devised a new way to speed up the process of training artificial intelligence systems and are already talking to the auto industry, where their approach could be used commercially.  Cooperation with Dr. Pavlović and his postgraduates is one of several mentoring projects that the Institute started last year, in which scientists from the Institute cooperate with distinguished scientists at world universities and well-known companies, in order to get involved in global trends, learn a lot, and publish their findings in top journals and at the most important conferences. Another goal of the mentoring projects is to commercialize these discoveries as soon as possible, and we are actively working in this direction.

This is the first time that scientists employed at an institute or university from Serbia have had a paper accepted at such an important conference in computer vision and artificial intelligence and we are very proud of that achievement!