How to improve healthcare through the application of artificial intelligence?

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia is taking significant steps towards the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, with a special focus on breast cancer diagnostics and the development of new drugs. Among the projects currently being implemented, a notable initiative is aimed at improving mammography, thereby enabling faster and more efficient detection of breast cancer.

This innovative use of AI aims to significantly speed up the screening process, thereby reducing the burden on the healthcare system and enabling early disease detection. According to Dr. Branka Rakić, a research associate and assistant director for biotechnology at IVI, as well as the team lead of the research group “AI in Lifescience & Healthcare” for Forbes Serbia, radiology is an area of medicine where artificial intelligence can find broad application, especially in the analysis of mammographic images.

In addition to working on projects with partners from the healthcare sector that involve the development of AI tools for diagnostics, personalized medicine, and improving the efficiency of health services, the AI Institute is also engaged in projects applying artificial intelligence in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry for the design of new drugs.

The head of the Belgrade office of the IVI and research associate Dr. Ivan Tanasijević emphasizes to Forbes Serbia that the goal is to speed up the drug discovery and development process, reduce research costs, and increase efficiency in identifying potentially effective therapeutic molecules.

“Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are used to analyze large datasets from biomedical research. AI systems trained in this way then recognize patterns and connections between different biological entities and molecules, further enabling the evaluation of molecule efficacy as potential drugs”, explains Dr. Tanasijević. Read more about the projects of the Artificial Intelligence Institute of Serbia and future plans on the Forbes Serbia portal.