Efficiency and Artificial Intelligence | Galenika Leadership Meeting 2024

IVI’s research associates, Dr. Branka Rakić and Dr. Dejan Mirčetić, participated in the recently held Galenika Leadership Meeting 2024. Dr. Branka Rakić, the Assistant Director for Biotechnology, presented the role, significance, and goals of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Serbia, highlighting how artificial intelligence and research dedication contribute to improving the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector.

Dr. Dejan Mirčetić discussed how artificial intelligence influences business optimization within the company, exploring ways in which technology enhances efficiency and contributes to innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The interaction between pharmaceutical leaders and experts in artificial intelligence represents a crucial step in advancing the healthcare sector and optimizing business processes. In this regard, we extend our gratitude to the team at “Galenika” for the opportunity to be part of this significant event, and our researchers remain committed to enhancing the connection between science and industry.