Digital Innovations and Artificial Intelligence

At a recent informal gathering dedicated to digital innovations, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia participated in discussions about current and future initiatives shaping our country’s digital landscape. During the event, organized by our partners from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), special attention was given to the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing everyday life and work in Serbia.

The head of the Belgrade office of the IVI, Dr. Ivan Tanasijević, highlighted the projects our team is working on, especially in the areas of pharmacology, medical diagnostics, and improving the quality of healthcare. Dr. Tanasijević elaborated on how the application of artificial intelligence could significantly contribute to precision and efficiency in medical diagnostics, as well as in the development of new drugs, which could ultimately greatly improve the quality of healthcare.

During the discussion, there was also talk about the possibilities of training Chat GPT to better understand and utilize the Serbian language, which would significantly increase its applicability and accessibility for users in Serbia. The gathering was also an opportunity to discuss the broader potentials of artificial intelligence in Serbia, as well as the possibilities for further innovation and development in the digital space.