Benefits of Implementing Artificial Intelligence Models in Ecology and Environmental Engineering

Within the lecture series on artificial intelligence, we invite you to attend a lecture titled “Benefits of Implementing Artificial Intelligence Models in Ecology and Environmental Engineering” which will take place on November 16, 2023, starting at 6:00 PM in the Grand Hall of Matica srpska in Novi Sad.

Dr. Ivana Krtolica, a research fellow at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, will explain how artificial intelligence models can positively impact ecology and environmental preservation.

Understanding the principles of functioning of artificial intelligence-based models is not only a challenge for today’s scientists but also a mandatory skill, whether they are engaged in the study of natural or social-humanistic sciences.

As artificial intelligence-based models do not require explicit programming but “learn” based on experience, numerous datasets collected to assess the ecological status of a particular ecosystem can serve as an excellent training ground for an AI-based model. The fundamental benefit of implementing AI models is the ability to process large datasets and variables that do not have a linear dependence. Once developed, a machine learning model can be a useful tool in ecosystem monitoring for prompt response by relevant institutions to prevent environmental disasters.

The capability to process satellite images and data collected from specific sensors using artificial intelligence models represents a new stage in scientific research in the field of ecological studies. This opens up numerous possibilities for scientists to achieve sustainable development and environmental preservation.