The first AI Connect conference was held at the STP Nis

The first AI Connect conference was held at the Science and Technology Park in Nis, and in the panel discussion “AI Ecosystem in Serbia”, Dr. Dragisa Miskovic, the team lead of the “Human-Computer Interaction” research group, participated. The discussion also featured Vladimir Radovanovic, Acting Assistant Minister in the Sector for Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Technological Development, and Filip Mrdak, Project Manager at the Center for Digital Transformation.

The focus of the panel was to explore the existing AI ecosystem in Serbia, emphasizing its strengths and identifying areas that require improvement. Participants discussed the growth of artificial intelligence technology, its impact on various sectors, and the opportunities and challenges facing Serbia in this rapidly growing field.

Dr. Miskovic’s presence and expertise contributed to a deeper understanding of the artificial intelligence landscape and its potential for advancement in Serbia. The AI Connect conference serves as a key platform for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and strategic planning within the artificial intelligence community, paving the way for a brighter future in this field in the country.