Applications of artificial intelligence in telecommunications

Prof. Dr. Mihailo Jovanovic, Minister of Information and Telecommunications, visited the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and learned about the institute’s researchers’ recent efforts. Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, Director of IVI, presented to Minister Jovanovic the accomplishments and research done thus far.

The potential applications of artificial intelligence in the field of telecommunications were discussed during the visit, and the importance of innovation and technological progress in the telecommunications sector was highlighted on that occasion in order to enable more efficient, safer, and accessible communication for citizens was highlighted. It was also stressed that artificial intelligence is a critical technology capable of improving telecoms services and transforming how customers connect.

Minister Jovanovic’s visit to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a crucial step toward enhancing collaboration between academic institutions and government agencies in order to develop creative solutions that will advance the telecoms sector. This tour emphasizes the significance of artificial intelligence as a vital technology with the ability to alter the telecoms sector and provide better services to citizens.