IVI at the “MatFusion Conference”: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Pharmacology

The head of the Belgrade office of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, Dr. Ivan Tanasijevic, delivered a lecture titled “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Pharmacology” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia as part of the MatFusion conference. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how artificial intelligence is applied in the design of therapeutic peptides and small molecules, and how these technologies can improve efficiency and precision in medical research and drug development.

Dr. Tanasijevic emphasized the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in modern research and development, highlighting how the combination of artificial intelligence and pharmacology can bring revolutionary changes to the industry.

The goal of the “MatFusion Conference” is to connect the academic community with the industry, enabling students to gain practical knowledge and insights into current research and technologies that are shaping the future.