How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business?

The acting director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, moderated a panel titled “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business” at the seventh “Jahorina Economic Forum”.

During the panel, leading experts from various industries discussed the impact of AI technologies on efficiency, productivity, and innovation in business processes in the Western Balkans. They shared their valuable experiences and insights on how artificial intelligence is changing the way business is conducted, creating new opportunities, and solving existing challenges.

The discussion covered numerous key topics for understanding the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in business, including examples of successful implementation, ethical challenges, and future trends in this field. Specific examples were highlighted of how companies have utilized AI technologies to optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and develop innovative products and services.

The panel “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business” provided participants with a detailed insight into the ways artificial intelligence enhances business processes and helps companies stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment. The discussion contributed to the understanding of how AI can aid in strategic planning and data-driven decision-making, which is crucial for success in the modern business world.

This event clearly demonstrated that artificial intelligence is not only a tool for increasing efficiency but also a catalyst for innovations that can transform business models and markets.