Ethical Challenges of New Technologies: ChatGpt & Natural Language Processing

Assistant Director for Business Cooperation and Team Lead of the “Human-Computer Interaction” research group, Dr. Dragiša Mišković, participated in the panel “Ethical Challenges of New Technologies: ChatGpt & Natural Language Processing” held at Svilara.

During the discussion, Dr. Mišković explained the history of the development of this technology and the process of training large language models like ChatGPT. The panelists also addressed the relevance of understanding natural language processing technology for comprehending our linguistic abilities, and there was discussion on what constitutes ethically responsible development of large language models. The discussion provided valuable insights into the complexity and importance of natural language processing, as well as the need for ethical consideration in the era of rapid technological progress.The event is part of the accompanying program of the exhibition “Ethical Challenges of New Technologies: ChatGPT and Natural Language Processing”, which is being held from February 6 to 29 at the Cultural Station Svilara and was realized in cooperation with the Center for the Promotion of Science.