TANGO “Behind the Scenes”: Interview with Marko Pavlovic from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia

As part of the “Behind the Scenes” series of the TANGO project, an interview was conducted with Marko Pavlovic, a research assistant and representative of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The TANGO project is a four-year initiative under the Horizon Europe program, valued at €7 million, and aims to develop the theoretical foundations and computational framework for synergistic human-machine decision-making. This project will lay the groundwork for the next generation of human-centric AI systems.

For more details about the activities and interests of our research assistant, as well as the role of IVI within the TANGO project, read the full interview at the following link: https://tango-horizon.eu/2024/04/18/5-tango-behind-the-scenes-series/ 

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