The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Developing New Drugs

In the era of rapid technological development, artificial intelligence is increasingly being applied in the pharmaceutical sector, offering advanced approaches for the development of new and better drugs. The head of the Belgrade office of IVI, Dr. Ivan Tanasijević, highlighted this trend during his lecture “The Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Design of New Drugs” held at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade.

On this occasion, Dr. Tanasijević emphasized how AI significantly accelerates the drug development process, making it more efficient compared to traditional methods. Additionally, a special focus was on the use of generative artificial intelligence, including contemporary diffusion models that have the potential to fundamentally change the way peptide structures are predicted, which is a crucial step in the development of new therapies.

Furthermore, the lecture addressed the importance of modern machine learning techniques in the pharmaceutical sector, particularly in the identification and design of new molecules with potential therapeutic value. Dr. Tanasijević explained how artificial intelligence could provide a deeper understanding of biological processes and disease mechanisms, thereby allowing scientists to target specific pathogenic factors with greater precision.