IVI: Regional center of excellence for the knowledge-based economy!

With an annual growth rate of over 20%, Serbia’s high-tech industry significantly boosts the economy of the nation. Along with the manufacture of steel, the automotive industry, and agriculture, it currently contributes 10% of Serbia’s GDP and is among the top four export industries.

Serbia seems to be becoming more aware of the need for knowledge and innovation to underpin the country’s economy. However, how much artificial intelligence application trends throughout the world and how much the future demands of the home economy have an impact on the topical division of work in IVI research groups, Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, acting director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, comments for the “Cord” magazine:

“Our research groups are a combination of the skills we could discover in our nation and tactical priorities for the growth of our economy. They totally fit with worldwide trends in this way, although we obviously lack the resources to conduct study on every trend. We ultimately created five research groups. Two are concentrated on fundamental technologies dealing with computer vision and human-machine interaction, while three are concerned with applications that are both globally and locally appealing: health care and life sciences, smart manufacturing, environmental protection, and adaptation to climate change. Many of our partners are representatives of multinational corporations that make large financial investments in the creation of innovative technology. RTS, MTS, Agromarket, Sluzbeni glasnik, EPS, Posta Srbije, and other domestic enterprises are among them.”

The April edition of “Cord” magazine, which is specifically devoted to the ICT sector, one of Serbia’s most promising sectors, contains more information on the innovative ecosystem, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia’s plans, and its role in Serbia’s transition to a knowledge-based economy.https://cordmagazine.com/sector-in-focus/hi-tech/dubravko-culibrk-forging-future-ai-leaders/

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